A portfolio of Wend’s Photography

A portfolio of Wend’s Photography

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Why has it taken so long?
It’s only taken me just over a year but here is my website and my first post! The photograph you see features my dog, Lilly. She’s helping me make my website (I’ll let you into a secret – she’s not very good at helping to build websites!). So, I’m blaming her for it taking so long to get this up and running 🙂

Welcome to Wend’s Photography
Firstly, welcome to the new website! Secondly, let me tell you a bit more in terms of what the aim of my website is. Principally, this website will be my online portfolio to showcase my favourite and what I consider to be my most beautiful photographs that I have ever taken. Hopefully this will be the place to feast your eyes on ‘landscape loveliness’.

Blog posts
It will also be a place where I will be writing blogs about my photography travels and any new things that I’ve learnt about photography whilst on them.  Some of you will already follow me on Facebook; well, the blogs on this website will be an extension of what I talk about there. I hope these blogs will be useful and entertaining. You will have to let me know….

The future for Wend’s photography 
I will be adding photographs and making changes to the website as time goes on and I learn more.

In terms of my photography, I will be concentrating this year on the details in the landscape and taking photographs that I love and which I’m hoping you will too. I have a list as long as my arm of the places I want to visit!

Buying photographs and commissions
In the future I will be adding options for you to buy my photographs from my website too. Before I build an online shop, I am happy to sell photographs; you may have seen a photograph that you’d like to give as a gift or a set of photographs that you’d like for your own home. Please contact me for details of prints or if you want to discuss any commissions.

So all it leaves is for me to say – watch this space!

Sadly, since I wrote this blog, my little dog, Lilly passed away. My friend is sadly missed 🙁

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