Photography in the rain

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Redmire force, River Ure.

My plans for blogging seem to have fallen by the wayside. Not because I’ve not been out on photography trips but partly because I post updates on Facebook and also because I get precious about what I’m going to talk about. So I’m going to simply talk about my last trip out with the camera, which was on Saturday and it was literally pouring bucket loads with rain!  I’ve even made a little video for your entertainment below….

I do tend to avoid the rain usually. Firstly because I’ve been of the opinion that the light is so poor and secondly because you and all your equipment tend to get a wee bit damp! However, I was pushed to go out on Saturday even with the poor weather as I am worried about missing out on autumn. Autumn has sadly not been what I had hoped for due to it arriving slightly early, storms and no cold nights to bring out the burgeoning colours. So I had this small window on Saturday and I knew I had to take it. I obviously hoped that the Met office was wrong (95% chance of rain – surely not?). The Met office was not wrong!

My first stop – a little local wood that I had planned on was a no go. There was a sign up telling me that tree felling was happening and to KEEP OUT in big red letters. I considered ignoring it but figured I didn’t fancy getting squashed and decided against it! I ended up driving further into the Dales and taking a walk by the River Ure that we normally do in more clement weather with our dogs. I had hit upon the idea that Redmire Force is probably good in the autumn. I began the walk through the fields and over styles in the rain and started to wonder how far it actually was. It seemed further than I recalled… I started to wonder at my wisdom and if I should turn around but by the time I thought of turning around – I’d gone too far! So I kept going; hoping it would be worth the walk and for a break in the clouds.

There was no break and the rain merely got heavier but when I got to my location and saw the autumn trees I felt I had done the right thing. It was a little autumnal goldmine with loads of Beech trees in the height of colour along with the fast flowing falls. Due to the rain, the rich colours were bought out and I had the place pretty much to myself. I had my waterproofs and could protect my camera with a waterproof hood so what was stopping me!?

Rain or shine, I realised that different weather provides different photographic opportunities and perhaps we shouldn’t shy away from getting out and about even when we might like to hide under our duvet. That said…rain and wind?  Nope, I won’t be doing that! 🙂

I produced this short video of my trip out. I’m no Thomas Heaton (if you don’t know him – look him up on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean) but hopefully you’ll like my amateur use of my phone and my husbands old version of Adobe Premier Elements to edit my vid. Oh and yes – I did have to hang off of that ledge to get my shots! Lets just say I was treading VERY gingerly 🙂


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  1. John Phillipsom
    | Reply

    Well done! The script and video were well produced.

    • wpain
      | Reply

      John, you always comment and it’s much appreciated thank you. Glad you liked the video, it was fun to do although my phone got a bit damp. I’m off to the Lakes this weekend for a few days so will have another go 🙂

  2. Dave
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing Wend, loved the vid that pretty well summed up a very wet day and the effort that you go to searching for “the” pic. I always enjoy your photos!

    • wpain
      | Reply

      Dave – thank you! Really appreciate you comment bro in law 🙂 Are you wanting another photograph for Christmas? 😉 Thanks.

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