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Wendy McDonnell

About the photographer
Welcome. My name is Wendy McDonnell, owner of Wend’s Photography and a published photographer based in the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the North of England. I am passionate about searching the landscape for those fleeting moments of beauty and transforming them into something extraordinary that lasts forever.  First and foremost I am never happier than when I’m outside with my camera whatever the elements throw at me chasing the light and that elusive perfect image!  For me photography is more than just capturing a picture it’s about capturing the atmosphere and escapism that the natural environment can evoke is all of us.

My Work
Here you will find a growing collection of my work depicting landscape and fine art photography. The majority of my photography is taken in the beautiful rolling hills and limestone pavements of the Yorkshire Dales. I also photograph other areas of outstanding natural beauty in the United Kingdom such as the Lake District and Scotland. Some images are taken from my travels around Europe too.

A creative background

I have always been artistic from a young age and whilst I wasn’t much good at in school where maths and sports were concerned, I excelled in art (and getting out of cross country running – yuck!). On leaving school, I studied natural history illustration and went on to Liverpool John Moores University Art School to study graphic arts. I ended my art education with a postgraduate course in multimedia design. Since then I have done a number of online courses in digital communications and photography.

I learnt photography when at art college but I did not seriously pick up a camera until 2013. My interest was peaked because my husband had decided that he might like to take up photography and attended a workshop. I quickly became interested in what he was learning and before long, I’m afraid to say, he didn’t get much of a look in as my enthusiasm grew and overtook his! Photography was the creative outlet I realised I’d been hankering after. This was coupled with my moving to a more rural location where the countryside was on my doorstep and the start of my love of the landscape and photographing it began in earnest.

Since then I haven’t looked back and can safely say that my passion grows more and more each year along with my technical knowledge, editing skills and lenses!  Photography provides me an outlet from the busy modern world and allows me the opportunity to have precious moments alone with nature breathing fresh air, feeling the wind on my cheeks and watching the first rays of sunlight flood a landscape before me before I capture it for all eternity. You can’t beat that!

And my poor husband who I pushed out of photography? He is now learning to play the guitar instead; he won’t get me interfering with that hobby! 🙂



  • Canon 5D Mark III and back up camera Canon 600D
  • An array of lenses; Canon 70-200mm, Canon 50mm, Canon 17-24mm, Canon 24-105mm, Sigma macro lenses.
  • LEE filters

Buying my work
Please contact me if you would like to buy my artwork.  You can contact me through this website or via social media – be sure to follow me on Flickr, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  

Wendy McDonnell - Wend's Photography
Wendy McDonnell. Wend’s Photography – landscape and fine art photographer.